No reply in rocketchat

(Anand) #1

I have installed stackstorm and chatops following all steps.
After setting up the parameters in stackstorm.env, I can see the bot online in rocketchat client.
But if I execute ‘post_message’ from cli or web, I don’t get any message in rocketchat.
Similary, even though I can see my bot user online in rocketchat, I don’t get any reply for ‘help’

I checked this again and found that it was failing to connect to stackstorm/api

After generating the API key, now that error is gone.

But when I run post_message from CLI, getting following error now…

Jan 15 06:40:44 hubot[23188]: [Tue Jan 15 2019 06:40:44 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)] ERROR Stream error: Event { type: ‘error’ }
Jan 15 06:40:45 hubot[23188]: [Tue Jan 15 2019 06:40:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)] ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘roomID’ of undefined

(W Chan) #2

Looking at the error message, maybe a configuration is missing or malformed for the rocketchat hubot? We don’t officially support any particular hubot adapter. You may have to go to GitHub - RocketChat/hubot-rocketchat: Rocket.Chat Hubot adapter for more information.