One or more actions had failed & Can not evaluate YAQL expression

(Deepchandna) #1

Issue resolved and data sent to bin

(Deepchandna) #2

@lhill @blag or anyone can one help here?

(Lindsay Hill) #3

What troubleshooting have you done so far? The error refers to being unable to evaluate an expression. Have you identified that expression in your workflow? Have you checked the syntax? Have you checked that if refers to a valid parameter?

Also: neither I nor @blag are free, on-demand resources. You don’t need to tag specific people unless it’s part of a conversation. Especially if it’s only been a few hours since your post. If you need urgent, on-demand assistance, get in touch with, and we can get you set up with support agreements and Professional Services.

(Deepchandna) #4

I checked YAQL syntax online. Came fine.
Valid parameters are passing successfully.

And i am new to this forum or i would say , this is my first forum and not aware of this that tagging someone is an offense. I will not tag anyone now if conversation is not started.
I tagged you guys because you helped me last time. those were only intentions, not to tap you unnecessarily.

Can you please check my workflows and suggest?

(Lindsay Hill) #5

That screenshot is very hard to read.

Have you identified which line in your workflow is throwing that error message?

What is that line? What action is that related to? If you’re trying to extract a specific field from an action output, what does the action result look like?

You will have to do some troubleshooting yourself here. If this is too complex, there are professional services available.

(Deepchandna) #6

Error is “can not evaluate YAQL expression”. Even i want to know, how to check which line has error. Is there any inspector or something i can use to check which line has error?

I am trying to do troubleshoot but need some help from you because i can not take professional services.

I want to now which line has “can not evaluate YAQL expression” error . we are calling one task from another. I can share the code here if you want.

(Lindsay Hill) #7

In that same line, right next to “Can not evaluate YAQL expression” it tells you exactly what the expression is. Have you tried looking in your code for that expression?

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It depends on your project timelines, but there’s a limit to the amount of free assistance people are able to give you. You may need to evaluate how quickly you need to get things done, vs your in-house capabilities.

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issue resolved and data sent to bin

(Deepchandna) #10

I got the error and commented those lines and my code worked. Below are the trouble making lines in my code:-
stderr: <% task(iterate_transaction).result.stderr %>
stderr: <% task(execute_universal_workflow_common).result.stderr %>

and Error was:-

Failed to handle action completion [error=Can not evaluate YAQL expression [expression=task(iterate_transaction).result.stderr, error=u'stderr', data={}

But i am still no sure. Why these lines are making problem?Can you help here please?

(Lindsay Hill) #11

OK, identifying the problematic lines is a good start.

Why do you have those lines? What’s the goal of having them?

(Deepchandna) #12

@lhill Hi, I am working on a code written by someone else. We use stderr to print error is comes in our code. Right? but not sure why this even showing can not evaluate.

(Lindsay Hill) #13

If someone else wrote the code, you could ask them why it’s not working. Or if it ever worked, for that matter.

Look at the expression used. What is it doing? Spend some time reading the docs at and to understand what the expression stderr: <% task(execute_universal_workflow_common).result.stderr %> is doing.

What do you think that line does? Why does it exist? What value is setting? Where is getting that value from? Is it manipulating the source value in any way? Does that source value exist in the form you think it does?

You will need do some reading yourself here. There are plenty of examples of this syntax. Once you understand the syntax you should be able to do some basic troubleshooting. It’s the same as working with any programming language: break the problem down into pieces.

If none of that makes sense, talk to your colleagues. Find someone with a few years experience dealing with technical problems, and ask them how they go about solving problems like this.