Orquesta re-run from a subworkflow task

Is there a way to re-run a workflow from a subworkflow task?

I do see this from mistral worfklows.
If using a Mistral workbook, tasks of subworkflows can also be re-run. For example, if the main workflow has a task1 that calls subflow1, then to re-run subtask1 of subflow1, the syntax for the `st2 execution re-run` command would be `st2 execution re-run <execution-id> --tasks task1.subtask1` .

well it looks like the orquesta conductor doesn’t know if the task is another workflow or not. so it doesn’t recursively search for tasks

What may need to be done here is to determine if the task is using a orquesta runner. If so then also get those tasks and save them as ‘parent.child’

That way you could search for child tasks with ‘parent.child’ notation perhaps.

I think best options now is to rerun the parent workflow after the child has been rerun. So it is a 2 step process.