Orquesta with items not allowed

(ivan) #1

Hi I tried use “with” on task inside workflow but get the follow message:

  "output": null,
  "errors": [
      "spec_path": "tasks.task1",
      "message": "Additional properties are not allowed ('with' was unexpected)",
      "type": "syntax",
      "schema_path": "properties.tasks.patternProperties.^\\w+$.additionalProperties"

My Orquesta Workflow is this st2/orquesta-with-items.yaml at master · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub
If I use Mistral with with-items works.

(W Chan) #2

You are not giving us the context here. The workflow you provided link to we test in our continuous integration so it works. Which means, maybe you modified the workflow? or using an earlier version of st2?

(ivan) #3

Sorry I use st2 2.9.2, on Python 2.7.6

(ivan) #4

I need upgrade st2 to 2.10:

Done in v2.10

  • Orquesta RC: Release Candidate of “Orquesta” workflow engine. Includes with-items , delay, scheduling, notifications, Unicode support. Begin Mistral deprecation.