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Orquesta workflow help

hi there, i want to make a workflow but not with the same examples that shows in the documentation, how can start with it, i want to make someting with the napalm pack to search pattern in the output, there is examples about more advance worksflows?

You could look at the workflows in st2ci/actions/workflows at master · StackStorm/st2ci · GitHub and st2cd/actions/workflows at master · StackStorm/st2cd · GitHub for examples.

Hi lhill, i review the info about, but from the pattern in there

it’s like
action > if ok > action

what if i want to take this if by somekind of threshold
all this i’m looking from the networking perspective
and what should it be the “ref:” value for networkin napalm library?

name: “make_compile”
ref: “core.remote”
cmd: “cd {{repo_target}} && make compile”
hosts: “{{build_server}}”
timeout: 60
on-success: “make_reqmnts”
name: “make_reqmnts”
ref: “core.remote”
cmd: “cd {{repo_target}} && make requirements”
hosts: “{{build_server}}”
timeout: 400
- slack
message: “Pytests failed on installing requirements.”
on-success: “make_lint”

Use Orquesta workflows not ActionChains if you need that sort of logic.

Look at examples like st2ci/st2_pkg_promote.yaml at master · StackStorm/st2ci · GitHub where it looks at more than just success/failure.

What should it be the “ref:” value

Look at the Orquesta documentation and the examples I linked to. It is different syntax to Action Chains