Output from napalm or exos location

(sebastian) #1

hello i’m new to this wonderful technology
but i have question about where the output from the device’s commands are store
in plain text or a db? i supposed is a db there is an access to it?

(Lindsay Hill) #2

If you run an action, then any output from that action is stored in the execution history. You can view this by inspecting the execution. You can do this via CLI, API or the Web UI, on the History tab:

extreme@ewcdemo:~$ st2 execution get 5cb630b167824f07247b4ebd
id: 5cb630b167824f07247b4ebd
status: succeeded (2s elapsed)
  cmd: date
  failed: false
  return_code: 0
  stderr: ''
  stdout: Tue Apr 16 12:44:49 PDT 2019
  succeeded: true

Technically it is stored in Mongo, but you should not directly query Mongo unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

Normally you would not be running a command and manually looking at the output. You’re more likely to use it as part of a workflow. One step might be to run a command against a network device, the next step in the workflow would look at the previous action’s output, and take different paths in response.

(sebastian) #3

thanks lhill
yes you are right but i want to make a full but with threshold
it’s allow with stackstrom?
because the way i use is :: napalm >> get values from jason >> if condition >> then action

the workflow that you is ewc?
how much cost? how can i get the value?

(Lindsay Hill) #4

Yes - that is a common pattern with Orquesta workflows. Check the docs and examples.

Workflows can be used with with Open Source StackStorm, or Extreme Workflow Composer. EWC makes it easier to write workflows as you can use the Workflow Designer UI. For pricing, contact sales@stackstorm.com.

(sebastian) #5

excelent lhill very thankful for your help and patience
now a last one and i hope you can answer me

supposed for whatever reason you need to get the output from a action, all the json that comes with it, because i made the command that you put and gets all the values in plan text thats good anyway, but i depende to know that execution ID that if i look the values changes the minimum when two task are run in the like the same time and change something more if the task differs in time, so there is a relation with the time + algorith

so how i don’t that relationship, the way i will know how to ask a collection in db
or some export the task of it

st2 execution get



(Lindsay Hill) #6

ST2 is not a monitoring system. If you want to measure changes in values over time, you are better off using a dedicated monitoring system, and then use the alerts from that to trigger actions in ST2.