Pack: NetBox webhook config


(LuisN) #1

Does anyone have better documentation on it? very vague, i see listening on port 6000 but not sure what the URL if any for the sensor is. trying to setup webhook url from netbox to st2

(Lindsay Hill) #2

See GitHub - StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-netbox

(Lindsay Hill) #3

Look at this section:

Based on your desired settings, the URL for the webhook’s configuration inside of NetBox will be:


(LuisN) #4

tried, api logs dont show anything

(LuisN) #5

Replies back with


(Lindsay Hill) #6

Which API logs? It’s not going to be st2api, it’s going to be the sensor

(LuisN) #7

The sensor does not pic it up

(Lindsay Hill) #8

What does “The sensor does not pic it up” mean?

(LuisN) #9

Sorry pick it up, nothing incoming. fw is off on the box and url is correct in netbox. http://serverip:port/netbox/webhooks/

(Lindsay Hill) #10

Start with the basics - do you see inbound traffics from the netbox server?

(LuisN) #11

i will run some tcpdumps on each end

(LuisN) #12

Got webhooks to work by doing the following and running upgrade again

sudo -H pip3 install django-rest-swagger django-rq psycopg2

sudo apt-get install python3-psycopg2

sudo -H ./

helped resolve webhooks but i am not able to see anything in the list of what to monitor on changes etc . did the image come through?

(Lindsay Hill) #13

You’ll need to check the netbox docs to see what webhooks they send

(LuisN) #14

running below cmd i dont see any queue started when creating or deleting an item. does a webhook goto ->redis (rq) -> destination ?

rq info --interval 1

(Lindsay Hill) #15

Why are you using rq commands?

(LuisN) #16

Correct, I have and doesnt show the flow. IF reddis is suppose to pickup the job its not working

no queues are run, and the webhook is sent but no payload. and again - the list i sent of available triggers are maybe 10 , where as the older ver of netbox shows all. connection, interface, etc

(LuisN) #17

b/c i used the admin/webhook-backend-status/

0 queues, etc

1 worker, no old jobs or failed

(LuisN) #18

Wow disregard ALL my msgs in this thread. i thought these were going to the netbox list! sorry!!

(Lindsay Hill) #19

Ah, no worries! I wondered if it was something like that. Easy mistake when you’re switching between a couple of lists