Pass existing pvc to helm chart?

Hello Team,

I have configured a “Storage class” to Dynamically provision NFS persistent volumes in Kubernetes. Could you please help me to pass this StorageClass to helm chart? So that below StorageClass and PVC will be used to store the data.

[root@k8s-master yamls]# kubectl get sc
managed-nfs-storage (default) 14m
[root@k8s-master yamls]#

As @Shu noted in Community Slack, if it’s configured properly for dynamic provisioning and is default storage class, deploying Helm chart will automatically work, PVC will be automatically created from Helm chart which will lead to PV creation/assignment.

I wouldn’t suggest though NFS with its ReadWriteMany excessive properties in this situation as it’ll bring some slowdown to RabbitMQ/MongoDB comparing to relying on any other sufficient volume classes (EBS in AWS, Vsphere/VMDK volumes in Vmware, etc others depending on provider).

But you can get that working first and see if there are any limitations.