Passing JWT into a workflow, can i pass a byte object into Orquesta

Is it possible to pass a JWT token, which i believe is a byte object (using python 3.7) into an orquesta workflow? I see an object type, will that work.

Hey @techdiverdown. While I haven’t tested this - you may be able to use the yaml.load function to (but you should probably use yaml.SafeLoader) to load a byte string from a yaml playbook. Yaml supports byte strings. You will have to consider ensuring everything is escaped properly. Here’s the yaml.load docs:

I’d be interested in your use case and if there isn’t another way to do this. I have successfully loaded files into string in orchesta though, so it should work fine with the above.

One note - injecting bytecode can be an attack vector - so you will need to be aware that if this isn’t an input you control you could be at risk of malicious code injection.

I may be forgetting something here, but HTH

We are passing the base64 encoded string and it working fine. Thanks.

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