Passing output in orqestra workflow - result().result?

Hi! I have this yaql that used to work:
- email: <% result().result.mail[0] %>

I’m getting:
message: ‘YaqlEvaluationException: Unable to evaluate expression ‘’<% result().result.mail[0] %>’’. NoFunctionRegisteredException: Unknown function “#property#mail”’

result looks like:
result: {‘cn’: [b’Redacted Redacted’], ‘gidNumber’: [b’150’], ‘givenName’: [b’Redacted’], ‘sn’: [b’Redacted’], ‘uid’: [b’red’], ‘uidNumber’: [b’10222’], ‘homeDirectory’: [b’/home/red’], ‘l’: [b’NYC’], ‘loginShell’: [b’/bin/bash’], ‘mail’: [b’’], ‘objectClass’: [b’person’, b’organizationalPerson’, b’inetOrgPerson’, b’posixAccount’, b’shadowAccount’, b’top’, b’inetOrgPersonAccount’, b’inetLocalMailRecipient’, b’ldapPublicKey’]}

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

$ rpm -qa st2