Payload/Data not received from Webhook to ChatOps/Slack

st2 --version
st2 3.1.0, on Python 3.6.9

Rules YAML file:

name: “notify_slack”
pack: “examples”
description: “Send to Slack.”
enabled: true

type: “core.st2.webhook”
url: “notify”

ref: “chatops.post_message”
message: “{{trigger}}”
channel: “automation”

CURL Command:

curl -k -X POST https:///api/v1/webhooks/notify -H "X-Auth-Token: " -H “Content-Tye: application/json” --data ‘{“msg”: “Hi”}’

Slack Bot Output:
{‘headers’: {‘Host’: , ‘X-Real-Ip’: , ‘X-Forwarded-For’: , ‘Content-Length’: ‘68’, ‘User-Agent’: ‘curl/7.52.1’, ‘Accept’: ‘/’, ‘X-Auth-Token’: , ‘Content-Tye’: ‘application/json’, ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’, ‘X-Request-Id’: }, ‘body’: {}}

@Arthi Hey there. Some things that would help us help you troubleshoot are:

1.) What OS and version are you running?
2.) Are you trying to test the connection locally or over the network?
3.) Is the firewall disabled on the ST2 system?
4.) If you are trying to receive a webhook from the internet (eg. slack) have you confirmed that you can access the ST2 box for another external source?