Postgresql9.6 support

Does Stackstorm v2.10 or v3.0 support Postgresql9.6 ?

You should be fine with 9.6. Looks like we use a range of 9.x versions, depending on the OS.

It’s RHEL6. On Stackstorm documentation it show Postgres9.4 so want to double check if 9.6 is supported or not. Is there Stackstorm documentation that show with Postgres9.6 ?

I think that with Ubuntu 14, 16 and RHEL 7, it uses the default PostgreSQL version that ships with those distros. They are all 9.x versions, but I don’t know if any of them are 9.6.

If you’re using RHEL 6, you should begin migrating to RHEL 7.x, as we will be deprecating RHEL 6.x support later this year.