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Proper fail for orchesta

I have been using action-chains for years. My normal python code for my actions is either
return True
return False

In orquesta transitions I specify
when: <% failed() %>
do: someaction

This has not been working for some actions… any ideas why?? SHould I be using exit(1) instead?

If your action is a python-runner Action Runners — StackStorm 3.4.0 documentation it might help returning a tuple to express execution success/failure rather than just true/false.

So, like

return True, “some result string or json”
return False, “error from exception”

IF so, this is what I am currently doing and sometimes the False isn’t getting caught. I read deeper into this and I think maybe instead of False, we might move to raise an exception instead. Will mess around, appreciate the response.

You should return a tuple:
return (False, "Error from exception")
as same as


raise exception

You can find more information at: