Questions regarding st2 3.2 and 3.3 and different python versions

Hi Team,

Need asssitance in few queires

To begin with we have been using stackstorm standalone servers in our organization
ie development,test and production .

We installed the standalone servers with ansible playbook and modifying the playbook based on our

The version isntalled is:

st2 --version
st2 3.2.0, on Python 2.7.5

We have plans to move the stackstorm HA for which we are doing POC and testing ,the stackstorm Ha in
kubernetes has stackstorm version

st2 3.3dev (d3782db7b), on Python 3.6.9

We see difference in python version the workflow also.

The query I had is

1)Is there any new ansible playbook or installation method for standalone servers which installs latest version
st2 3.3

2)On checking the docs for upgrades

found steps for upgrading to version 3.3 ,wanted to know if
GitHub - StackStorm/ansible-st2: Ansible Roles and Playbooks to deploy StackStorm can installt to the latest version 3.3 from playbook

3)I installed standalone with ansible playbook but the python version is showing 2.75 ,can be done to 3.69

st2 --version
st2 3.3.0, on Python 2.7.5

If you use the ansible playbooks to install 3.3 then it will use python 2.7 if you are running on RHEL/CentOS 7/Ubuntu 16.04. But if you install on a RHEL/CentOS 8 or Ubuntu 18.04 system then it will use python 3.6.

So you can use the playbooks to install a fresh 3.3 system, but the python version will depend on the O/S.

In StackStorm 3.4 we aim to move all distributions to use python 3.6, but in version 3.3 Python 2.7 was used and verified for the older O/Ss.

Thanks for the details