Setting Up Encryption key in stackstorm-ha

I have a stackstorm-ha set up and am trying to configure datastore key encryption. I’ve followed the instructions in Datastore — StackStorm 3.4.0 documentation executing the command lines on the st2client node. I updated the st2,conf file, created the encryption key but it still complains that no Crypto key is present when i try to create a datastore key using --encrypt.

Ideally I’d like to configure all this via the values.yaml file when the helm chart is deployed. Can anyone point at an example to do this. Otherwise, is there something that I’m doing wrong to enable this manually?

See stackstorm-ha/values.yaml at 049ec74ac0b57cb108eda7677790d8b88de96ac2 · StackStorm/stackstorm-ha · GitHub

There is already dedicated Helm value for that.

Thank you! I missed that. One problem that I had was that the JSON for the key needed to be in single quotes.