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Sns notifications to stackstorm webhook

I am trying to send AWS SNS notifications to stackstorm webhooks but unable to confirm subscription as event is not getting logged on the webhook.
In the nginx logs, I can see that subscribe confirm event hit the nginx but cannot find the payload of the sns event on webhook to fetch confirmation token or subscribbe url ?
Is there a way to get it ?

Did you configure a rule to match that web hook?

Configure something simple like st2/sample_rule_with_webhook.yaml at master · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub, which dumps the web hook body to file. Then you can see what content you’re receiving, and write a more specific rule to match on criteria, pass parameters to actions, etc.

Yes I did. Problem is how to confirm the subscription as it will not send notification to webhook until its confirmed
Regarding AWS SNS https subscription confirmation:
“AWS has mentioned thisAfter you subscribe your endpoint, Amazon SNS sends a subscription confirmation message to the endpoint. The code at the endpoint must retrieve the SubscribeURL from the subscription confirmation message and then either visit the location specified by the SubscribeURL or make it available to you so that you can manually visit the SubscribeURL, for example, using a web browser.”

In SNS i am putting -> https:///api/v1/webhooks/?st2-api-key=

Couple of things come to mind:

1/ You can’t use a ‘bare’ URL like https:///api/v1/webhooks/?st2-api-key= for an ST2 webhook. You have to have something unique within the URL there. See Webhooks — StackStorm 3.0.1 documentation

2/ ST2 web hooks aren’t really designed for that sort of subscription confirmation, although I think it is possible, if you use a properly constructed web hook URL. But you might be better off using the SNS sensor stackstorm-aws/service_notifications_sensor.yaml at master · StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-aws · GitHub