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Specifying with node an action is run on in an HA set up?

I wanted to utilize this reference for HA set up but I had a more in depth question.

The HA set up will be in multiple DR sites. We need to make some optimizations to localize jobs to a certain site e.g. prevent jobs from being run on a us-east-node while interacting with hosts we have on us-west. Is this capability in StackStorm? or would be need some other solution like creating multiple st2 instances instead.


Sadly, there is no way to distinguish between action runner nodes yet. All of them pick actions from a queue, with the assumption that all action runner nodes can handle all actions.

I would love to see this improved, but I have several other st2 improvements I’m working on, so I personally don’t have time to contribute this.

Would you have time, or would one of your colleagues have some time to work on this?

Here is some discussion about partitioning action runners / action runner affinity: Feature req: Partitioning actions to execute on separate nodes · Issue #3096 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub

Yes let me take a look :slight_smile: