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St2 client won't run remotely

Does anyone know how to configure st2 to allow for remote connections? I’ve tried this sort of thing in my server’s st2.conf:
# Host and port to bind the API server.
#host =
host =
port = 9101

But the processes still bind to localhost, so I can’t connect remotely . . . any ideas?


What is URL when you call st2client API? Please try https://${ST2_HOSTNAME}/api.

Interesting. The fact that the services are binding to localhost seems to have been a red herring, although I’m not sure how this works . . .

In any event, this seems to work!
url = https://st2/api
debug = False
timezone = UTC
cache_token = True
#url = None
username = admin
password = AdminPassword
#api_key = None
url = https://st2/auth
#cacert = None
silence_schema_output = True
base_url = http://st2/
api_version = None
silence_ssl_warnings = False