`st2 pack install` using an SSH git URL?


(Daniel Jay Haskin) #1

I want to run st2 pack install <giturl> where <giturl> is an SSH git URL, and I want to have the URL downloaded using passwordless SSH. Is there a way to do this? Example: st2 pack install ssh://bitbucket.example.com:7999/<username>/<pack>.git

(Lindsay Hill) #2

I have been told that this already works. You will need to set up SSH keys. Note that the command is run as root on your ST2 server, so you need to ensure root’s SSH keys are set up properly (and potentially root’s ~/.ssh/config file).

(Lindsay Hill) #3

There was a discussion around this a few weeks back on Slack - look around https://stackstorm-community.slack.com/archives/C066APT88/p1528407470000287, if it hasn’t aged out already

(Daniel Jay Haskin) #4

Thanks, the advice worked like a charm! I did have to ssh into my bitbucket server first, to accept the host key during host key verification, but after that the root’s ssh key worked. This issue is resolved :slight_smile: