St2 source code , How to make To deb file in local

st2 source code , How to make To deb file in local?
st2 source code , How to use ‘Makefile’ get deb file in local?

$ cd /st2 make debs
What steps are missing

To generate the StackStorm deb/rpm packages, use this repository:

It has instructions and the framework to do so.

Based on your distribution you can pick from the below links and follow the instructions:

i want get rpm file, can you give me more details?eg:how to start,which file to use, some commands,

Thank you for your answer,But this is not I want,i want konw how to make rpm packages by myself, use st2 source code

I really need help,
I spent a lot of time to make rpm file
I will be very grateful

armab’s answer will help you build your own RPM.

the st2-package, didn’t tell me how to make RPM, I don’t know how to start

@chenzhouyu Check the README for the repository, it includes all the information and steps to generate the packages.