St2chatops in docker configuration issue

I have Stackstorm running in a Docker container in an AWS EC2 instance. I was able to successfully get Stackstorm setup as well as Chatops. I am using chatops for integration with Slack. This is how my st2chatop.env currently looks:

export ST2_HOSTNAME="${ST2_HOSTNAME:-localhost/}"
export ST2_API_URL="${ST2_API_URL:-https://${localhost}/api}"
export ST2_AUTH_URL="${ST2_AUTH_URL:-https://${localhost}/auth}"
export ST2_STREAM_URL="${ST2_STREAM_URL:-https://${localhost}/stream}"
export ST2_WEBUI_URL="${ST2_WEBUI_URL:-https://${localhost}}"
export ST2_API_KEY=<masked>

I am able to get my hubot in the channel and it is responding to commands. !help is able to list all of my default and created aliases. However, certain commands are not displaying output properly. For example, I installed the Google pack to test functionality of the bot. Running !google Stackstorm returns the following in the Slack channel:

Action google.get_search_results completed.
status : succeeded
execution: 5e39a46019a92d0123216646
web_url: https://<DockerContainerID>/#/history/5e39a46019a92d0123216646/general
Took 1s to complete.
result : []

Note how instead of showing the IP of the host in the web_url, it shows my docker container id. However, commands such as !pack install packname work fine and display their output to the Slack channel correctly. Additionally, trying to do !run <cmd> on localhost will return this to the Slack channel:

Ran command  **whoami**  on  **2**  hosts.Details are as follows:
Host:  **traceback**
   ---> stdout:
   ---> stderr:
Host:  **error**
   ---> stdout:
   ---> stderr:

This is also reflected in the web UI about the whoami command:

Host: traceback

// Action produced no data

Host: error

// Action produced no data
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This means StackStorm ChatOps as a platform works correctly, however Google pack itself is broken.

Here is the google pack source code: GitHub - StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-google: st2 content pack containing google integrations you can debug it further, if interested, Or use another pack for playing with chatops/stackstorm.

Note that StackStorm exchange packs are contributed by our opensource community and some packs work or not, depending on who’s managing, updating and maintaining them. We’re always open to contributions or new maintainers there!