St2chatops service not running

I installed chatops in my centos7 machine by following the documentation. But the service doesn’t start.

How your st2chatops.env looks like, did you configure it? What’s the chat adapter you configured?
How st2chatops logs look like?

This troubleshooting guide should also help you: ChatOps Troubleshooting Guide — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation

Trying to install chatops with google chat. Maybe I need to configure it properly. Can I get help with resources to refer.Thank you

Unfortunately, ChatOps does not currently have an adapter for Google Chat.

However, we would be interested in an adapter for that. You can write one yourself using the hubot-google-hangouts-chat library and submit a pull request to our hubot-stackstorm project.

Take a look at the base adapter, the intermediate slack-like adapter, and the Slack adapter for some examples.

You can ask development questions here, or you can ask them in the #chatops and #development channels in our StackStorm Community on Slack.

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