Stackstorm after installation unable to execute any commands

System:CentOS 6.8
Installation procedures are all in accordance with the official documentation process
After the installation is successful, any operation commands are blocked, and the results can not be displayed for a long time. Just like the crash, I hope to help analyze the reasons. Thank you

What st2ctl status shows for you? Are all st2 services up?
Take a look at logs for any errors /var/log/st2/.

Please also check if RabbitMQ and MongoDB services are running. StackStorm heavily relies on those services.

I see. All my ST2 services are up.

Then I looked at the st2api and st2auth log files.
It was found that CRITICAL WORKER TIMEOUT had an error in it.

We also checked that the error process number 3175 in st2api. log file was a python process that listened on port 9101, suspected to be related to the python version, and then upgraded Python 2.6 to version 2.7.

After updating the python version, the execution command is no longer jammed, but the following error occurred. It’s very difficult.

You shouldn’t update python version manually as st2 package comes with special st2python dependency for EL6 platform. Run st2 --version.

StackStorm installation works best on a clean machine. Are there any other packaging repositories and existing software that’s preinstalled on that machine?

For reference, which documentation URL did you follow for installing StackStorm?

Besides of st2api keep restarting, are there any other services which had issues in the logs?