Stackstorm api and dashboard

Is stackstorm dashboard at backend uses stackstorm api or it written as separate (without stackstorm api) ?
Guys i need help to create UI. We actually creating UI on angular and using .net for backend and we calling stackstorm api at .net and output giving to frontend . Is this right way? Or suggest me something else because i am fresher.

StackStorm Web UI is a React app that works with ST2 APIs directly.

Your UI should access st2 APIs, - we’ve seen other companies developing their custom UI. No need to have another backend layer like .net app.

Inspecting API calls when using default st2 web ui can help, also take a look at for the list of supported API endpoints.

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actually i am remotely accessing another server , run some command to check memory and disc space. that memory status my action returns so this output i want to show on UI.
is this possible?

Yes, for example you can run particular commands on remote server via stackstorm actions, store the values in st2 k/v storage and query ST2 API to display the result in your custom frontend UI.