Stackstorm HA in kubernetes - /opt/stackstorm/packs only

Hi Team,

Is it possible to make the /opt/stackstorm/packs write only in stackstorm HA in kubernetes.
wanted to check if there is a possibilty to make /opt/stackstorm/packs write access and can
the /opt/stackstorm/packs have a shared mount means data from source server volume to the kubernetes

I too am looking for this exact thing. We want to stand up a “dev” cluster that we can mess with code outside of a sidecar

AHHHH, in templates/deployments.yaml. You can toggle RO and RW with true or false

Thanks will check on this

Well, crud… because it isn’t shared. This really doesn’t help. I am NOW looking into nfs and getting a persistent nfs volume shared across the various services.