Stackstorm HA in VM

I am trying to setup the stackstorm with HA using 3 VMs.
I am following this.

I have a nfs share where all packs will installed so if one vm goes down other vm still able to access all packs and actions.
I have updated /etc/st2/st2.conf file with
packs_base_paths = /config/stackstorm/packs

I have NOT changed the
base_path = /opt/stackstorm

When I installed the packs, it still installed in /opt/stackstorm/packs.
How do I configure st2 so that new packs gets installed in nfs share with virtual environment and can be accessed in any st2 vm with nfs mounted?

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Per st2.conf sample st2/st2.conf.sample at master · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub

# Path to the directory which contains system packs.
system_packs_base_path = /opt/stackstorm/packs
# Paths which will be searched for integration packs.
packs_base_paths = None

packs_base_paths is the dir which will be searched for additional packs when content is registered with st2ctl reload.
It doesn’t mean new packs will be installed in that dir, it only means you have to copy your additional pack content there, if you prefer separation from /opt/stackstorm/packs.