Stackstorm HA multi subnet implementation

Hi All,

I have host in multiple subnets and each subnet are isolated from one another. I would like to know if there is a way to use one stackstorm instance as master and others as slave at each subnet. so that i can have centralized view of executions at the master itself.

Or any other architecture which will help to achieve above result will also be much help.


If you want a centralized view of executions across a distributed environment, you should send all your logs to a log aggregation system

You can run multiple StackStorm parts and components in different subnets, regions or zones for better availability or whatever reasons, but they all should have access to centralized endpoints like StackStorm API, RabbitMQ, MongoDB and Coordination.

From this point of view you can have st2 components to live in different subnets which are isolated from each other, but they both should have access to beforementioned endpoints which may reside, for example in 3rd subnet.

Please review High Availability Deployment — StackStorm 2.10.1 documentation for a high-level HA overview and understanding what’s possible.

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