Stackstorm HA Packs

While going through the HA documentation I came across this:

" In the kubernetes cluster, the st2 pack install command will not work. Instead, you need to bake the packs into a custom docker image, and push it to a private or public docker registry. The image will provide /opt/stackstorm/{packs,virtualenvs} via a sidecar container in pods which need access to the packs.

If you do not already have an appropriate docker registry, we made it very easy to deploy one in your k8s cluster. See below for details."

The question is if i am using Unix hosting env for my Stackstorm instance, will this change the way pack structure exists today? Or it is just a matter of packaging the same packs into docker images?

Yes, you need to package custom StackStorm packs you need into a dedicated Docker image.
This way we can guarantee immutability and reproducibility which adds to overall deployment stability in HA environment.

The following resources should cover your questions: