StackStorm HA st2actionrunner K8s rescheduling/death consequences

I have installed StackStorm HA on an aks cluster. According to docs, all custom st2packs have to be baked in a docker image. As far as I’ve tried, there is no option to add multiple images having packs separately. Also, every time I update the image with a new pack and do helm upgrade, the st2actionrunner pod is reloaded. Won’t this affect any action executing at that time? Also, this would mean that if I want to add packs to image at a regular basis, st2actionrunner will keep on restarting. Is there any workaround to this?

Yes, sudden re-schedule or death of st2actionrunner leads to broken workflow execution, according to: Death of st2actionrunner process causes action to remain running forever · Issue #4716 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub

There is no workaround for this right now yet in ST2 core or StackStorm-HA.