Stackstorm installed with pytjon 2.7, but need to use python3.6 libraries in Stackstorm sensor


We have developed a version of our Stackstorm pack and other objects in Stackstorm Version 3.2 installed on a system that has stackstorm with Python 2.7.5

But now as part of our upgrade process, we are planning to use Python 3.6 instead of 2.7 version.
For this

  1. We installed stackstorm 3.3 and default python 2.7.5 and python3 3.6.8.
  2. mannually placed all the python python3.6 libraries into /opt/stackstorm/st2/lib/ folder.
  3. We modified our Pack.yaml files to point to Python 3 , and forced to install using python3 virtual environment.

Issue: After making the changes we are getting the following error:
Virtual environment (/opt/stackstorm/virtualenvs/servicenow_pack) for pack “servicenow_pack” is using Python 3.
Using Python 3 virtual environments in mixed deployments is only supported for Python runner
actions and not sensors. If you want to run this sensor, please re-recreate the
virtual environment with python2 binary:
“st2 run packs.setup_virtualenv packs=servicenow_pack python3=false”

Also attached the full error: