StackStorm is capable enough to start a TIBCO BW engine?

Hi Guys, i am new to Stackstrom. My requirement is to stop/restart a TIBCO BW engine as required using the StackStorm tool. Anyone tried this as of now? please provide your inputs.

You can search for ready-made integration packs on StackStorm Exchange:

For anybody else who doesn’t have any idea what “TIBCO BW” is:

Although I still have some questions as to what it actually is, how somebody would use it, what problems it purports to solve, etc.

Regardless, assuming TIBCO BW has some sort of HTTP API, or some sort of REST API, or even some sort of CLI, or is some sort of process that runs on Linux or Windows that follows the typical process semantics for those systems (SD, SH, SSH, PS, WRM, CMD, COM, etc.) you should be able to write a pack to integrate with TIBCO BW, since you seem to know what it is.

Here’s our documentation on packs:

And here’s our guide to creating and contributing your own pack:

And here’s a list of built-in actions that might help you:
Actions — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation (specifically core.http and core.remote)

And here’s a list of built-in action runners that might help you define your own actions:
Actions — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation (specifically remote-shell-cmd, remote-shell-script, winrm-cmd, winrm-ps-cmd, and winrm-ps-script)

Please don’t hesitate to ask any specific questions as you develop the pack and actions.