Stackstorm - mongodb backup and restore


How does people Backup and restore of mongodb, in case of failures, on HA K8s cluster or docker environments in StackStorm?
It would be great if you can share any use cases you guys came across.

Stack Storm depends on Open Source MongoDB helm chart developed by Bitnami, You can see that in Chart.yaml file.
So , You can independently look for Backup and Restore used for Bitnami Mongo DB helm chart.

Option - 1:- You can see Bitnami Mongo DB helm chart documentation and create a controller object in kubernetes which will take backup and upload in Object storage [AWS S3 ]

You can also create a API Endpoint inside controller which will initiate restore process when required.

You can go through Bitnami Mongo DB documentation on Backup & Restore
& Create Backup and Restore MongoDB Deployments on Kubernetes

Option - 2:- Since Mongo Replica Set instances are supported by PV [Persistent volume ] , You could use ,
This option becomes complex because you will be basically cloning the full volume when taking backup.
However if Storage provider [onPrem storage / Cloud storage ] supports linked clone it will not consume much of space.