Stackstorm on Redhat open shift v4.3

Does stackstorm support on Redhat OpenShift v4.3? Does anyone install stackstorm on open shift cluster? I hit some mongodb and rabbitmq database connection issue. Can anyone help?

StackStorm HA Helm chart was tested and officially works only on native K8s so far, see the Requirements section: GitHub - StackStorm/stackstorm-ha: K8s Helm Chart (βeta!) that codifies StackStorm (aka "IFTTT for Ops" Highly Availability fleet as a simple to use reproducible infrastructure-as-code app

We’ve seen some community members were able to run it in other environments like OpenShift by lifting the security limits that OpenShift sets and modifying the Helm chart templates, but we don’t know the details. You should dig deeper and know what you’re doing if you’d like to go that path.

For example, stackstorm-ha relies on official 3rd party Helm charts for MongoDB-ReplicaSet and RabbitMQ-HA. You might need to dig deeper and make sure those are running first.

Thanks for your reply.