StackStorm.st2repo : Add keys to keyring

(Sammi.c30) #1

Hi, I’m trying to install new version of St2 via Ansible and facing issues, some issues are fixed and now facing this new issue where I’m not able to get the gpgkey from b’coz of firewalls. Any one have any workaround to fix this issue?

TASK [StackStorm.st2repo : Including ID variable for stable] *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
task path: /data/ansible-st2/roles/StackStorm.st2repo/tasks/st2repo_apt.yml:15
ok: [localhost] => {
“ansible_facts”: {
“key_id”: “3CE01873543A4CCE”
“ansible_included_var_files”: [
“changed”: false

TASK [StackStorm.st2repo : Add keys to keyring] ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
task path: /data/ansible-st2/roles/StackStorm.st2repo/tasks/st2repo_apt.yml:19
EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘echo ~root && sleep 0’
EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘( umask 77 && mkdir -p “echo /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793” && echo ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793="echo /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793" ) && sleep 0’
Using module file /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ansible/modules/packaging/os/
PUT /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-local-18958ObbJzA/tmp43h611 TO /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793/
EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘chmod u+x /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793/ /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793/ && sleep 0’
EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘/usr/bin/python /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793/ && sleep 0’
EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘rm -f -r /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1557947289.3-149048032450793/ > /dev/null 2>&1 && sleep 0’
FAILED - RETRYING: Add keys to keyring (5 retries left).Result was: {
“attempts”: 1,
“changed”: false,
“invocation”: {
“module_args”: {
“data”: null,
“file”: null,
“id”: “3CE01873543A4CCE”,
“key”: null,
“keyring”: null,
“keyserver”: null,
“state”: “present”,
“url”: “”,
“validate_certs”: true
“msg”: “Failed to connect to at port 443: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer”,
“retries”: 6

StackStorm.st2 : Install latest st2 package, auto-update
(Sammi.c30) #2

I did the workaround for now by downloading the key and add it manually, but looking for better solution.

(Eugen C.) #3

You need to have access to from the system, otherwise you’ll be unable to add the APT repository and download StackStorm packages from it. There is no workaround. Ask your administrator to whitelist access or adjust firewalls.

Alternative solution is to use different deployment method if you’re behind firewalls/proxy. For example, Virtual Appliance/OVA which already has preinstalled StackStorm system and ready to be downloaded as artifact Vagrant & Virtual Appliance — StackStorm 3.0.0 documentation