Stackstorm Stream st2client

I am testing an application which creates executions with st2client (Python). How can I create a stream for a particular execution (get stream by id?) To show the output on a webpage? I can get execution by id but can’t get the stream working. Is there any documentation for st2client (Python)

Hi @Reth. Great to have you here!

Can you expand on your use case more?

  • What info do you want for the stream?
  • Are these workflow or just actions?

Stream API docs are here:

An intro to the st2client is here: Quick Start — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation

Reference guide here: CLI Reference — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation

Every st2 command has a -h help output, and the “—debug” command will give you the curl command that the st2 cli used to get its output.

Finally, one way to learn how to get execution status would be to watch the history tab with Chrome Inspector.

hope this helps. If so, please mark as the solution.


Hi, basically I use the python st2client ( to create executions of simple actions. Some of these actions can last for few minutes. I want to be able to get a real time stream from python client (Not CLI) on to the webpage. Is there any documentation for the python client? Would you be able to provide a python code to get the stream given the execution is already created.