Stackstorm - Workflows

Hi Experts,

I am running a trial version of EWC, for which I have imported few packs from the opensource which we had developed.

Packs are imported and loaded successfully, however I am unable to edit the mistral-worlflows of these packs from UI.

I am trying to explore the designer functionality of EWC, I am trying if I can edit the existing mistral-workflows in WEC WEB designer however I am not able to view edit options.

Am I missing something, please help.

Thank you,

Which version did you install? Here is screen shot for EWC Enterprise version 3.0 Workflow designer. After you click a mistral workflow, Edit button is in the right up panel. image

I am running on st2 3.0.0, on Python 2.7.5
Got it. I was clicking the + button in action tab, from there I was looking for edit. Could you please help me where I can see the graphical representation of my existing workflow attached screenshot for ref.

When you click Edit button, it should open a new tab and show above graphical representation.