Test Stackstorm Alias Output

Hello, is there any way to quickly show the output of result in Chatops Alias? I usually run actual command to hubot then wait for Stackstorm to reply to it, then see the output of the result. I need it because I usually have a problem when calling a false variable for the result.

# How to quickly see the output of these?
  format: | 
      *Execution Overview*
      <% ctx().abcd %>

Thank you.

As it currently stands, there isn’t an easier way to test action-aliases than to actually execute it.

Action-Aliases do not support YAQL, only Jinja. There is no {{ ctx() }} function available in the format section. The data structure that will be available to action-alias templating is the {{ execution }} variable.

If you display this value, you’ll be able to see the data set structure and values that are available.

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