Time between execution of two actions in a Mistral Workflow is Quite high


(Virenderdubey) #1

We have multiple mistral workflows which are getting executed on an event. There are multiple actions in the workflow. An individual action takes normally 3-4 seconds to execute, but the time between the execution of two action is quite high and takes ~10-15 seconds and sometimes reached to 30 seconds which overall increases the completion time and causing the delay in complete action execution.

I tried to find the cause for this, but didn’t found much logs to debug it.


st2 2.7.2, on Python 2.7


Centos 6.6 and installed via yum repository.

(Lindsay Hill) #2

You may need to check that you are purging old data, from both ST2 and Mistral. You may have a large number of stuck workflows in your Mistral DB.

(Virenderdubey) #3

We regularly purge the st2 data but not of mistral data from postgres db. Ideally st2 purger should auto delete from mistral DBs as well.

Mistral data we delete on demand or some times in 1-2 months. Currenly Mistral have ~3 months data as we didn’t deleted since long time. Let me purge mistral DB as well and will share the results soon.

(Lindsay Hill) #4

You can set up Mistral to automatically purge old data. See https://docs.openstack.org/mistral/latest/main_features.html#execution-expiration-policy

Feel free to submit an update to st2-purge-executions

(Virenderdubey) #5

Thanks a lot. Post cleanup of mistral DB, Execution delay between executions has been reached to 1-2 seconds.
Have also setup the execution expiration policy to 2 days for now. It looks like it has been resolved, Will monitor it for 2-3 more days and then confirm.