Timeline for RBAC

I just wanted to see what might be the timeline on getting RBAC and/or LDAP and/or SSO integrated in?

Hi, that’s a particularly well timed question!

RBAC, LDAP, and the workflow designer drag-and-drop web UI are already integrated into the codebase, I’m not sure about SSO backend/s.

However, the integrated codebase has not yet seen a stable release. The code will be released in version 3.4, which is currently undergoing community pre-release (user acceptance) testing.

If you can spare the time and effort, or if you would like to try out the integrated codebase in your environment, please follow the directions in the “TL;DR” section of the above link and report back any LDAP or RBAC issues. Doing so will help us fix any show stopping bugs before they hit production environments (including yours)!

I’ll look into the SSO backends for you and report back.

I would be happy to test this out. I will take a look at this week or next as I’m on holiday for the rest of this week.

Thanks for the quick response!

The experimental and unfinished SAML2 SSO backend, which is the only SSO backend that I’m aware of so far, is located here:

There is an open issue regarding integrating it into the ST2 codebase:

The community could certainly use a contribution like that if you have the time and inclination to finish it!