Transactions supported by StackStorm?

(Deepchandna) #1

How many no. of requests a StackStorm PROD with below configuration can handle in a minute ?

OS - LINUX, 64 bit
Release -RHEL7
CPU - Intel® Xeon®/x86_64
HD - 495
RAM - 16 GB
Physical Cpu - 2

(Lindsay Hill) #2

Can’t answer that. Depends on your workload. You will need to do your own testing specific to your workflows.

(Deepchandna) #3

Okays. I am planning to request 5 transactions in a minute to StackStorm platform. Also, is there any way i can make stackstorm to handle more requests if my testing fails. Is there any official documentation on performance

(Lindsay Hill) #4

Do your testing, and see what results you get. See if that is sufficient for your requirements. If it’s not, then start looking at where the bottlenecks are. Same as with any system.