Update to Python3

The following versions of StackStorm are currently used.

st2 3.1.0, on Python 2.7.5

I want to update Python to version 3, how do I update it?

Right now only packages for Ubuntu Bionic natively use Python 3 for all the StackStorm services - Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation.

Hi, Tomaz.

Thank you for answering.

Isn’t python3 supported in CentOS etc …
Do you know if CentOS etc. will support python3 in the future?

Right now it’s not officially supported on CentOS yet (aka we don’t provide Python 3 packages for it), but if you install StackStorm from scratch using Python 3, it may work (but there is no guarantee since it’s not tested).


Thank you for answering.
I see … I installed it with the following command, so I don’t know in detail, but check the contents of the installer and try it.


However, because it is wonderful software, I pray for a quick response even a day.