Web UI performance issue

Hi Team,

Web UI is very slow after I installed all packs(about 140 packs) .
1.For the “ACTIONS” tab/button

It seems that we get all the actions once, this takes long time(more than 1 min) to display the results
2.For the “RULES” tab/button

the v1/actions/views/overview request always timed out
I try to curl that api, I can see the response
time curl -H ‘X-Auth-Token: bc9a0870b03e4daf83c87ed4c1b0a0fe’

The time it takes:

real 2m9.382s
user 0m0.006s
sys 0m0.389s

Any suggestion or performance tuning for these issue?
For the first issue I think we can apply pagination technology
For the second issue, I tried to increase the Nginx proxy_read_timeout parameter, it worked
but I don’t think increase the Nginx proxy_read_timeout to 180s is the final solution.

@longfei This looks a perfectly valid st2web/stackstorm performance issue.

Can you submit this report to Issues · StackStorm/st2web · GitHub ?

And thanks for additionally digging in where is the bottleneck and providing suggestions on improvements :+1:

I believed this is a “known issue” related to this: AWS Pack seems to slow things down in StackStorm · Issue #3692 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub

Basically the extraction of data out of mongodb is extremely slow when there are thousands of actions.

@armab st2web/stackstorm performance issue · Issue #507 · StackStorm/st2web · GitHub

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