Where StackStorm stores the "Succeeded" and "Failed" wokflows data which appears on GUI

Hi All,

I need to take backup of all the data in StackStorm and purge it completely.

Can anyone please help me- Where complete data is stored and how can i fetch it?


You might want to do mongodb_backup. See GitHub - StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-backups

Thanks :slight_smile: much. I will give it a shot.

@jinping, Can you suggest on below please. I get the error while taking backup

pg_dump: [archiver (db)] connection to database "postgresql+psycopg2://mistral:StackStorm@localhost/mistral" failed: FATAL:  role "root" does not exist

This is because StackStorm is running as root? When i tired it manually then it shows my user"xyz" is not present -

[xyz@adminuser backups]$ pg_dump -f '/opt/stackstorm/backups/postgres_dump_20190709_203232.sql' 'postgresql+psycopg2://mistral:StackStorm@localhost/mistral'

During installation, i created role mistral not “root” and it is looking for root.

Can anyone please suggest.