Which License is for StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-jira


We are part of VMware, willing to contribute to StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-jira project. However we are struct with approval process.

Since there is no opensource license information available for StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-jira can some one please help us understand which opensource license is for same ? Is it apache 2.0 Or none ?

Appreciate the help.


Manjunath-Bhavi, welcome.

All the packs under StackStorm-Exchange Github organization should be under Apache 2.0 license.

If some packs are missing a LICENSE file, that is an oversight on our side and I will make sure it gets added to remove any confusion.

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Thanks a lot Tomaz, that was very quick. We are proceeding with considering Apache 2.0 license for StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-jira


All the packs now contain corresponding LICENSE file, including the jira one (stackstorm-jira/LICENSE at master · StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-jira · GitHub).

I also added a CI check which will verify all the pack contains LICENSE file - Add license check to the pack test script by Kami · Pull Request #80 · StackStorm-Exchange/ci · GitHub.

Thanks again for bring this up / reporting this issue.

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My pleasure.

That’s once again quick and awesome !

Thanks for that Tomaz for unblocking us.