Which package is winrm-ps-cmd, it isn't showing up in core which is where I thought it would be?

(Peter Michael Gits) #1

Thanks in advance, I am trying to execute a ps1 command on a windows box and it isn’t finding the winrm-ps-cmd or winrm-ps-script using core.winrm-ps-cmd and core.winrm-ps-script when I test with st2 action list | grep winrm ?? Did I fail to install a package?


Peter M. Gits

(Lindsay Hill) #2

Check your version, and update if you’re running pre 2.9.

(Peter Michael Gits) #3

how do I verify the version, and is there a pointer to upgrade under docker?

(Tomaz Muraus) #4

You can check version using st2 --version.

Keep in mind that winrm-ps-cmd and winrm-ps-script are runner, not action names (st2 runner list). Runners are used if you write your own custom actions.

Actions you might be looking at are core.winrm_cmd and core.winrm_ps_script

(Peter Michael Gits) #5

Thanks Tomaz for the distinction. I apologize for this follow up question, how do I update the stackstorm to the latest version when running under docker. It appears I cannot just exec to the container and perform the apt-get install --update-only command as I had hoped, apparently it has more to do with the docker-compose and resolving this. Any guidance would be appreciated.



(Tomaz Muraus) #6

In a Docker / container environment the best approach would be to spin up new container running a new version of StackStorm.

Containers should generally be treated as immutable so running commands such as upgrade, etc. in them is usually not a good idea / practice (unless you are debugging / locally developing things, but even then it’s a better idea to rebuild the container image).

(Peter Michael Gits) #7

Thanks, I will take your advice.