WinRM exception while connecting to Windows using kerberos

I’m able to establish connection from Python console to windows client using kerberos as transport method, but when i execute action ( winrm-runners ), I get the winRM exception
auth method is kerberos but kerberos_request is not installed.

I’ve installed all the krb5 packages and kerberos_request.

Sahil Sethi

I’d take a look in the pywinrm repo, specifically here.

I would also try and get this working in pywinrm, then try to implement with ST2

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Thanks for the reference, I had already checked this link but no luck.
Now I’m trying from ntlm, getting error Credentials rejected by the server.
I’m able to connect from Ansible and Python Script but Stack Storm throws exception.
“Specified credentials rejected by the server”

What does the logs on the windows server say?

It was due to special character in the password. NTLM working now.
Will check for kerberos again.

Thank you @punkrokk

I tried going this route as well, and couldn’t get it to behave. I was able however, to get credssp working with little issue. I pip installed the requests-credssp into the core venv and ran Enable-WSManCredSSP -Role Server on the machine I wanted to pass credentials to.

ok, I’m able to use ntlm now, let me know if you need any help with ntlm