Workflow issues after moving to 2.9 from 2.7 version

(Deepchandna) #1

We developed stackstorm workflows and actions on 2.7 which was running all workflows and action good.
Now, we have installed version 2.9 on other boxes and copied everything from 2.7 to 2.9 but Action/worlfows gets hanged and it works when we restart the stackstorm services.

Please suggest the solution.

(Lindsay Hill) #2

Is this the same as Actions getting hung?

You might need to log a TAC case

(Deepchandna) #3

Seems same to my scenario but What is TAC case ?

(Lindsay Hill) #4

TAC == Technical Assistance Centre.

Support engineers that can do detailed investigation of what’s going on, triage, escalate to engineering if required, etc.

(Deepchandna) #5

How i can do that , any link or portal?

(Lindsay Hill) #6

You need a support contract to access TAC. Your support agreement will explain how to contact TAC