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Rerun a mistral workflow from the last successful task to completion

Now that I am running some production jobs in stackstorm, I have made an underlying fix to one of the sub tasks and would like to run the workflow from a specific sub_task to completion. Is there a way to request that? I know how to rerun the individual task, but how can I get it to finish the rest of the tasks that come after said task?


Peter M. Gits

For a Mistral workflow, have you try st2 execution re-run <execution-id> --tasks <name of subtask>?

Thanks for the assist, apparently, “Only tasks in error state can be rerun.” While the task itself succeeded, it wasn’t successful in doing the proper processing due to a message that said, it wasn’t able to get a reservation. I suppose I need to trap this message and have it fail properly not succeed, only then can I rerun with the --tasks.

Thanks again,

Peter M. Gits