Unable to update st2 3.4

Today, I upgrade stackstorm from 3.1 to 3.4 with document. Previously, I already install python36 and python36-devel in RHEL7 instance. when I run command yum update st2, it tells me it lost python3-devel and stop upgrade. I guess these two packages almostly the same. but I can’t remove python36-devel and install python3-devel instead, due to python36-devel used by other applications. Do you have any workaroud to upgrade st2 3.4?

Check the Upgrade Instructions here:

You need to apply all the recommended upgrade steps from st2 v3.1 to v3.4

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I followed all recommendations except python36-devel instead of python3-devel. And I used “rpm install st2 --nodeps” command to install st2 straightly to avoid dependency confliction. And now ST2 v3.4 is running on RHEL 7 instance.

All my packages virtualenv created based on python36 and python36-devel, and python scripts were tested on the top. I will test packges in this new version, and feedback if something wrong with python compatibility issue.