What's advantage(benefit) use (polling)sensor rather than (CronTimer)rule?

For example,
I want to know the new JIRA ticket.
I can write a pollingsensor with 5 minutes poll_interval, send a json format string trigger, and then filter by rules, at latest a workflow will handle the new ticket.
Why don’t I just write a CronTimer rule which execute a workflow can query and process every 5 minutes?

There’s been some discussion on this in the past on the forums. Both ways work.

One thing to consider is that if you have an interval timer running, and doing a query on the tickets then this could mean you have alot of workflows being executed doing not alot - and appearing in your execution list (on UI and CLI).

But if you had a polling sensor that only sent the trigger when a new ticket was found, then you’d only see executions for new tickets.